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1️⃣What does hair mean to you?



My hair means freedom and acceptance! For longest time, I was jealous of other race’s hair,

and straightened my hair until  it was unhealthy. When I finally learned how to embrace myself as I was, I went natural and have been rocking my hair as it is ever since!


2️⃣What is your all time favorite braiding style you have ever tries?



When I was younger, I was obsessed with box braids!!


3️⃣What you love about dreads?



What I love about dreads: I’ve never been able to grow my hair past my shoulders, and now my hair is chest length. They’re also built-in ear muffs in the winter,lol. Most importantly, they’re so versatile--just like braids^^


Thank you ❤️ @birdiexo_

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